Saving The Environment, One Transaction At A Time

First and foremost I need to give a huge shoutout to my friends at EcoCart, we put together a special offer for everyone: In exchange for a 15 minute demo with them they'll plant 100 trees (which offsets 4,800lbs+ of CO2).


EcoCart as a platform is a way to be environmentally conscious while running your business, their core offering is the ability for consumers to offset the CO2 created from manufacturing and delivery of the items they purchase, another option is the brand/merchant offsetting this (see Atoms below) and the third is  calculating the carbon emissions from running your business and allowing you to offset that. Taking the number of employees, the devices they use, hours they work, duration of commute and how they travel, etc then giving you the ability to become carbon neutral as a business and it's surprisingly affordable! 

Getting started is really easy, first book a demo here - in addition to speaking with the founders, your appointment will also offset over 4800lbs of carbon just for spending a few minutes with them! Putting it on your site couldn't be easier, in  minutes you'll be up and running. 

EcoCart Setup Guide




Once it's setup you get to select which initiative you want to support, I recommend picking something close to you - if you're in NYC there is Hudson Farms in northern New Jersey, it has 3,600 acres of protected forest and if you're close by you can visit the forest to see some of your contributions going into action. With the initiative selected then you get to look at your dashboard to see how much of an impact you're making. You'll be able to see where the majority of your emissions are coming from; either from your manufacturing or shipping, which of your customer demographics are contributing, and different ways to quantify the impact between total amount of CO2 offset, the number of trees, lightbulbs, square feet of Arctic ice saved or cars off the road. You'll also have the ability to add an 'impact page' which can display whichever data from this you want your customers to see so they can be aware of your socially conscious investment into the environment. 

EcoCart Dashboard





Atoms the brand that invented the perfect fitting shoe by making them in quarter sizes - they also make my favorite mask that I’ve been wearing the for the last 18 months while trying to survive the Covid-19 pandemic. They’re taking a slightly unique approach to utilizing EcoCart as they cover the cost of carbon offsetting instead of passing it off to the consumer. 

Atoms Using EcoCart




Nuzest which sells protein and supplements has white labelled EcoCart in a beautiful way and hovering over the green question mark shows where your money is going. In my case it was going to a 6,500 acre forest in Massachusetts that captures 100,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year. Nuzest has seen a 22% increase in conversation rates on their store since adding this feature!

Nuzest Using EcoCart




APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs), known for being the shoe brand that was banned by the NBA because it offered an ‘undue competitive advantage’ also happens to be one of the staple pieces in the Kardashian family's rotation (when they’re not wearing Yeezy’s). They have a fairly simplistic yet functional implementation that just works seamlessly. I’ve been looking for a new pair of trainers and on the $295 CAD Tech Loom Tracers the cost to offset was a reasonable $1.03 which covered 213.44lbs of carbon. In the example below from their USA store a $400 pair of their Concept X shoes costs $0.87 to offset the carbon created; it's important to note this covers both the creation of the shoe and all transit from manufacturing to delivery.

APL Using EcoCart

APL Breakdown Using EcoCart 




One last example is JuneShine, a beautiful site from our friends at Pointer Creative. Similar to the above brands they have a simple checkbox to offset the carbon emissions from this order but they also proactively show the impact being created. Your addition of $0.87 will offset 96lbs of CO2 emissions which is equivalent to 110 miles driven. 

JuneShine EcoCart 

Signup for a 15 minute demo by clicking the image below and EcoCart will plant 100 trees (which offsets 4,800+ pounds of CO2!

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